Appreciation over Expectation

Having my birthday fall on Boxing Day tends to prompt birthday wishes which go along the lines of, "Happy Boxing Day!" Yes its p...

Having my birthday fall on Boxing Day tends to prompt birthday wishes which go along the lines of, "Happy Boxing Day!"

Yes its pretty amusing...

...initially :P  I've gotten used to it, and am prepared to embrace the Boxing Day wishes for as long as I live.

Haha, all joking aside, I felt the need to appreciate a bunch of lovely girls who took the time to celebrate an early birthday lunch for me before I flew overseas slightly over a month ago. It was a day of food and fun that's for sure, visiting quaint venues all over Sydney, and also, their surprises and their company definitely made my day.

After inflating our tummies at the Grounds of Alexandria, we visited a few sample sales that were occurring around Sydney; hopping on and off buses, dashing across the road when we  realised we were on the wrong side, attempting to rely on our instincts and the occasional Google maps, were all part of the agenda. But its always worth it with a fun bunch. And below is a brief montage on the places we visited:

So apart from the spontaneous adventures we undertook, the girls got me an early birthday present, as well as a gift from my secret santa. I have probably reiterated a number of times in my posts that I love surprises, so this was the icing on the cake. I've recently rekindled my love for photography, so these gifts definitely hit the spot: a Polaroid camera and a fish-eye camera :D

The fish-eye camera came with a little booklet to spark some inspiration for future photo taking. I must say, they look pretty darn awesome.

I truly am so grateful for these generous and kindhearted girls, and so blessed to be spoilt with such appropriate gifts which I know I will make full use of. I hope this year we can make more of an effort to appreciate those around us; whether it be family, friends, or even the cashier at your local cafe who knows your order by heart. I think we don't enough do justice to the word 'appreciate'. It is so simple to make someone's day, and we should not underestimate the power of a smile. We all hold invisible walls around us, guarding our feelings as well as hiding them. I'm fairly sure a smile, or a sincere gesture or compliment has the ability to break down those walls. I might be speaking based on experience, but its worth a shot :)

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