Hello & Goodbye March

What a month it has been. Yes I have slacked off incredibly with my blog posts but I made a promise to myself that I won’t get a month witho...

What a month it has been. Yes I have slacked off incredibly with my blog posts but I made a promise to myself that I won’t get a month without writing something! So as March comes to an end, here is my monthly blog post being fulfilled!

So why have I been MIA? Well it might be blatantly obvious but I’d like to put it out there that I haven’t lost my passion for blogging or writing. So many crazy and exciting things have been happening in my life in the past month and I’m trying to keep up with it myself. My last blog post was written in from Malaysia, and boy do I miss it already. I spent my last month in Malaysia doing an internship at a primary/pre-school called EtonHouse International School teaching Years 1-4. It was the best experience, and I created such an attachment and bond with the kids that I almost teared up when they gave me notes, Valentine’s Day cards, or simply tightly hugging me goodbye. That’s when you feel the sincerity and warmth these kids genuinely elicit. 

March approached as fast as it ended. It’s hard to believe that I’m almost halfway through my undergrad degree. Uni has been great as I am more familiar with expectations, grading, and how to manage my work load. I’m trying to avoid the cruel ways of procrastination as it is (and has been) definitely detrimental towards my performance. I’m enjoying my subjects this semester; having two units of English, writing, and educational psychology pin-points my interests and the field I want to undertake. 

So that’s uni covered. Now onto the ‘social’ life. Sydney has recruited another one of my high school friends this year, and I couldn’t be more happy! There is a fair number of AISM graduates now here in Sydney, even our high school teacher who is now residing back in Sydney. All that definitely called for a high school reunion, more food, and lovely company. New friendships that I made last year are continuing to be treasured, especially when you realise these people don't come around often and that they won't slip through the cracks because they treasure your friendship too.

My girl <3 

Moving on, my friends and I had our annual Glebe market stall last week! Boy was that tiring. After that day, my energy was literally sucked out of me. Selling almost everything for $5 was way more productive than last year. Another exciting event that happened was that I went to my first concert!! I know, I’m way behind on the concert scene. I could write a whole passage on Ed Sheeran’s eloquence and charm whilst maintaing the most amazing flow in his singing. Oh and I finally got a new phone (hello Apple world), which means, more photo taking, right in time to capture Ed Sheeran's mesmerising presence <3

Since we’re on the topic of analysing my uni life, I should probably touch on the topics of jobs. I’ve been looking for one since March began, and managed to land myself a job at Sumo Salad. It was a great experience, however, unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances occurred that made me realise this job just wasn’t for me. Just yesterday, I went for an internship interview at a company called You Chews, which is a catering company who is looking for food scouts who are willing to contribute to their website as writers or photographers, as well as to expand our experience on the blogging scene. Long story short; I applied, got shortlisted, was called in for an interview, and managed to make it through! (Thank you God!) They have such a lovely office space, with a gym and game room, and I just felt so undeserving to be there. Just today, I applied for a freelance writing position for The Smart Local, which is a food, travel and lifestyle platform originating from Singapore and expanded to Australia. I would love to get paid for my written work, so why not try my luck? 

So yes, that has been the happenings up till today. I’ll try my best to blog more often but I have four major essays due in April with hefty word counts for each. I feel sorry for my laptop keyboard as I will, and have been, ceaselessly attacking it. Maybe I should go back to the good ol’ pen and paper… 

Till then,

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