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Unforced rhythms of grace Unworthy, selfish, inadequate, ashamed. I can never fathom how God could send his only Son to die for our sins, ...

Unforced rhythms of grace

Unworthy, selfish, inadequate, ashamed. I can never fathom how God could send his only Son to die for our sins, let alone my sins. As Christians, we are aware of this selfless act. However as we move through the years, accustomed to our beliefs and values, this magnanimous act tends to slip our minds or simply reside at the back of our minds.

But thank God for Easter. Yesterday's events at Hillsong's Easter services filled my heart with so much hope and my faith was given an extra ignition where we stand firm on our confidence that Jesus is alive. In our mess, our trials, our sins, we are reminded just how undeserving we are as human beings, but the good news is that God can find us right where we are; we just have to look up.

I have struggled to put God first in my life, and sometime feel like I'm in my lowest pit of shame and guilt. Those are my stones - bearing weight, a barrier, bondage, irremovable. But impossible is where God starts. We can't allow our past to define who we are or act as a defiance to how powerful God is. It is finished. Our stones have been removed and we can freely enter his presence. No resurrection can occur without death, without despair, without hurt, without our stones. This is what makes it good news  not just good advice. Bondages can be broken, relationships can be mended, new beginnings are possible with Christ. 

Why should we believe that?

This is where the "perfect love story of grace" occurs. But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead with transgressions - it is by grace you have been saved. It's stated in black and white, in the greatest books of all time. We have a life assured in heaven, we just have to make this dangerous declaration and believe that Jesus is alive. 

My favourite part from yesterdays' Easter message was when Chris Caine reiterated this very important factor that distinguishes Christianity from other religions:

"If you ask any other religion if their leader is alive, they'll tell you: 'of course not, they died a long time ago, we just follow their teachings.' But if you ask any Christian if their leader is alive they'll say 'of course! I just finished a conversation with him actually!'"

He is risen. Miraculously and deservingly risen. He demonstrated his own love for us by dying for us just so we sinners can have eternal life. My heart aches knowing how freely we can have access into this kingdom, whilst Jesus had to suffer inscrutable amounts of pain - physically and emotionally. 

I hope that as Christians, we will stop living a hypocritical lifestyle and boldly proclaim that He is risen, and that he has resided and occupied a place in our hearts. Christianity as a religion isn't as intense as you may thing, it isn't a ridiculous commitment that restricts you from living a normal life. Its a relationship you can obtain by just acknowledging that God is our saviour, that Jesus is alive, and that there is a heaven up there waiting for us. It isn't just during Easter where we find peace and comfort in our religion, the power of resurrection is working amongst and within us daily. 

What treasure waits within Your scars
This gift of freedom gold can't buy
I bought the world and sold my heart
You traded heaven to have me again
I touch the sky, when my knees hit the ground

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