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Okay so I don't normally write about my morning runs, but this morning's run was something worth sharing! Just a brief 'health&#...

Okay so I don't normally write about my morning runs, but this morning's run was something worth sharing! Just a brief 'health' fact I learnt from educational psychology, a burst of exercise in the morning (even if it's just 10mins!) can improve a student's attention and learning. Physical activity releases chemicals in your brain that actually results to a more focused and alert mind which means, PRODUCTIVITY.

I'm going to be honest and say my running schedule has been pretty inconsistent ever since the weather started to get cold. I usually dread doing physical activity in the cold and find it hard to get out of bed when I'm all warm and snug under my thick blanket. I've been battling with a flu for the past week but I'm on the verge of recovery! Hence, I decided to get my lazy ass back to a routined morning run. I try to run at least three times a week, but even that is a struggle for me in this weather!

here is I, ready to embrace the cold morning

So my usual running route commences from my place, to Centennial Park, 4 laps around the oval, and run back home. But today I decided to challenge myself and run to Coogee Beach. Its about 4kms from my place but the hill along High St is annoyingly vertiginous. I had to encounter that hill about 2-3mins into my run, and I can tell you it wasn't much fun. After the hill, the gradient was relatively flat which was great as it meant my legs could relax a little. I generally hate having the need to stop when I encounter traffic lights but today, the pedestrian lights were in my favour and hardly had to stop and wait to cross the street (hehe yay). 

Once I reached Coogee Bay Rd, I could see the mouth of the sea in the horizon and ahh it was honestly such a beautiful and refreshing sight. I feel having that view in front of me acted as a motivation to push on till I reached the beach. Also, the gradient was downhill from then so it was another relief for my legs! As I approached the beach, I found myself smiling ridiculously at the idea that I managed to reach my destination without stopping (took 23mins) even though I am still recovering from my flu. I have found my new favourite running route and hopefully my time will improve over the weeks/months. But I think I was smiling due to the very fact that running sets you in a positive mood where the busyness of uni and work is eradicated, and where my mind can escape to its own zone and be rewarded with what nature has to offer.

 happy debbles :)

You would think your energy would all be used up by your run, leaving you tired and exhausted throughout the day. But it's the total opposite! Usually I'd complain that I'm tired, and in all honesty, it's probably because I didn't get a run in the morning. It's amazing how aware and alert I have been today, especially at work. I never really took notice of the autumn shades apparent on the tree leaves on my way to work in Paddington, but I did today and took particular appreciation for how it beautifully contrasted with the sky. And to top this ecstatic high off, I arrived to work late morning and was greeted with lovely salads from the Simple Palate; how much better can my Friday get? 

If you snack throughout the day on healthy foods and stay hydrated, you can ride that wave of energy accumulated from your run right through to the end of the day! (Which is much needed for me as I've got essays to tackle...) A run will jump start your metabolism early in the morning, so your body burns calories faster throughout the day :) so runners, know that there is nothing better than getting outside to breathe fresh air and enjoy the natural world in which we live. The next time you set your alarm for that early morning workout, remember the benefits of your efforts, the goals you set for yourself, and the beauty that awaits you.

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