when opportunities arise, say thank you

You know you had a good and productive night when you feel the positive energy linger even though you are exhausted beyond measure. But here...

You know you had a good and productive night when you feel the positive energy linger even though you are exhausted beyond measure. But here I am in the office the next day, sitting in this surprisingly comfy chair, emailing businesses and cafes as well as replying emails that had been suppressed. Thank God my lovely co-intern got us cupcakes to inject some sugar into our day as it was much needed after last night.

It's pretty quiet in the office today, mainly because everyone in the Muru-D space had an epic time at last night's demo night at the Telstra headquarters along George St. Fridays usually has a more vibrant atmosphere because well, #tgif, and also free drinks sponsored by Telstra. I'm finding it hard to construct a word to describe last night's event, but I'm going to be generic and say it was pretty darn AWESOME. 

So basically, Muru-D is a startup accelerator backed by Telstra. They look to support the best digital talent that the Australasian region has to offer by offering startups, like You Chews, $40, 000 for 6% equity, 6 months in the co-working space, mentorship and access to investors, international markets and Telstra network. How amazing is it that I get to contribute a small amount to You Chews through my internship?! Well I think it's cool...

My boss, CEO of You Chews, smashing it during her pitch!

So last night, the Muru-D Class #2 start-up businesses had an opportunity to celebrate the final stretch of their 6 month journey of intensive workshops, mentions sessions, trips all over the world, and innumerable amounts of pitches. The night consisted of the intertwining of investors, businessmen, budding entrepreneurs and interns like myself, who have some sort of interest in the start-up scene. My job for the night, along with 4 other of my lovely interns, was to approach, entertain, and educate a whole range of individuals aforementioned about our business's model at a larger scale. It was such an amazing opportunity, getting to see certain individuals' unfeigned passion for what they do, as well as their sheer determination for their business to succeed. I had a conversation with a businessman, where he shared his journey as an entrepreneur and the struggles associated with it. I asked, "but it was all worth it in the end, right?"; in which he replied, "mmm not always. But you move on." 

It's not all clear skies and smooth roads, and at the initial commencement of a start-up business, its months and even years of struggle - financially and emotionally. You need to be fuelled by passion, something that will suffice throughout the hardship. Yes, you'll make losses, but you move on until you start seeing a gain and press on from there; never slacking off. 
Beneath all the endeavours is their underlying passion, and it's so refreshing to see how far they have come. Their business is like their child, you invest into something that you know will grow and have the potential to be something great. 

The night didn't just consist of conversations, business models, speeches, great company, or public figures roaming around the event like Kochie (David Koch), Channel 7's TV presenter; it also consisted of great FOOD, which is important because technically it's associated with the business I am trying to promote - You Chews. I wish I had more time to snap photos of all the beautiful delicacies that were served throughout the night but I guess these will do.

 And this is how we lured the investors in (kidding...)
...or are we

Cheers, to a night of amazing opportunities and the loveliest company. Have a blessed weekend everyone!

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