The Instagram Generation

Professor Daniel Kahneman, Psychologist and Noble Prize winner, believes that “the ‘Instagram Generation’ now experiences the present as an...

Professor Daniel Kahneman, Psychologist and Noble Prize winner, believes that “the ‘Instagram Generation’ now experiences the present as an anticipated memory”. Every present moment needs to be experienced as something that will be reflected on later. It’s like living in two realities at the same time. Kahnmen refers to it as ‘the ‘experiencing self’ and the ‘remembering self’.

Social media has undoubtedly created a revolutionised society that is dependent on technology. There have been numerous debates or a variety of stances on the popular social media app, Instagram. Is it a place where budding photographers or artists display their talent? Or is it a forum where users have the ability to filter reality or turn a half-eaten sandwich into an artistic shot by placing it on a white background? These are all points to consider, and contain a certain degree of truth. With that being said, here are some pros and cons associated with the Instagram Revolution.


Portfolio – there is immense talent out there in dire need to be recognised. They may not have the funds or popularity to make a name for themselves, but what they do have is social media apps like Instagram. This is a platform for them to gather and store their artistic works, as well as to gain recognition by people who share the same interest. As Instagram is a public forum, strangers who take particular fascination in your work have the ability to spread it around – so think of it as free advertising!

Stay Connected – the common phrase “gone viral” has entered the realms of social media to commentate on the phenomenal influence it has in society today. A photo can have its road to stardom overnight through the power of Instagram and how easy it is to screenshot the photo and share it, and eventually, creating a domino effect. Keeping in touch with friends is also a important where you have the chance to be a part of their lives through viewing the photographed events they capture.


Filtered depiction of reality? – Instagram users have the ability to put a filter on the photos they choose to upload. Although this is completely harmless and does not stir up any controversy, there definitely have been people against that idea. Why not appreciate the image you are capturing for its raw element? The delusion of photographic art is abundantly apparent in media today. Some may argue that they are adding their own touch of originality and creativity, whilst others that in order to be original, you need to find an empowering subject matter.

Determining your worth through ‘likes’ and followers – there are Instagram users who solely care about the number of ‘likes’ generated on their photos, and how to gain as many followers as possible. There are users who pay to gain followers, or hire someone to ‘perfect’ their Instagram account. Although this is not common, it highlights how materialistic our society can be.

From a neutral stance, Instagram can continue to leave a positive impact in society and has the ability to establish itself as a corroborative platform. Jason Silva, filmmaker, public speaker, and TV personality, acknowledges that we have the ability to choose how we depict our lives through adopting a stance on being the authors, artists and architects “of our mental narratives, of our historical digital paper-trail.”

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