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I made a promise to myself that I would not go without having at least one blog post every month. Unfortunately, I only woke up when Septemb...

I made a promise to myself that I would not go without having at least one blog post every month. Unfortunately, I only woke up when September ended (sorry not sorry for the Green Day reference). But I really am disappointed I didn't delegate some time to write a blog post! Here are some legitimate reasons for this:

1. My blog was going through some renovations

As you can tell, my blog template is completely different! I have actually spent hours on finding a blog template that is minimalistic but interactive. This meant that I downloaded a variety of different templates and 'trailed' them by implementing the relevant HTML codes into the template before. And let me tell you, that was a struggle. Initially, I didn't back up my original HTML codes and transferred the new template's HTML codes into the original which wiped out majority of the specific codes that enabled my blog to be structured the way it was. This bad experience has taught me that I should be focusing on the lecture rather than meddling with my blog...

After I figured out how to resurrect the remnants of what was left with the HTML codes and remembered to backup my previous template, I continued to experiment with different templates. I'm sure you guys are all keen beans in knowing about my enlightening template journey, but I'll leave it with that.

2. Uni

Sometimes I wish I was those kind of Arts students who took relatively 'easy' or 'fill in' subjects where I know would be easy to score. I don't even know if there's such a thing as a "driven Arts student", but I would like to think that I am one :P majoring in English and Education calls for a uni life filled with essays, words, writing, presentations, essays, and more words. September was a busy busy month, where I had an assessment/presentation/essay almost twice every week. But to be honest, October is really not any better... but I'm having blog withdrawal symptoms and just finished a group presentation where my partner and I felt soo nervous and under-prepared BUT WE GOT A 92!!! Seriously, we were both nervous wrecks and kept whinging about our boring topic which was Australian curriculum and oh my goodness I am so sick of the word 'curriculum'... But we managed to pull through and keep the class engaged for slightly over an hour. Definitely owing this all to God and the favour he had over the presentation because no way would I have been able to get this mark on my own strength or my partner's.


This is a big one, and I could ramble on about this for ages but I will try to keep it within relevant perimeters. As I've mentioned before, I've been doing freelance writing for The Smart Local and also lots of food photography for the start up company You Chews. With You Chews, my position was pretty flexible in a sense I initially covered some sales, marketing, social media, or simply rocking up at cool events. Now that my role is focused mainly on social media and photography, I feel somewhat more useful to the business. So what I've been/will be doing is going round to more events, and to the vendors that are on our platform, to take somewhat presentable photos for marketing/social media purposes and for me to pretend I'm a photographer heh. And as a bonus, who doesn't love complimentary food that comes with a job?

- casually insert snippet of photoshoot -

Recently, I've been offered an exciting opportunity to be a part of another start-up company called Igloohome, where I would bring my writing passion and use it as a marketing strategy. I am fascinated in what Igloohome does, and how much they have grown over the last few months. With its base in America, it has expanded to Singapore and now Australia, where the potential in hospitality is flourishing. If you are interested in the hospitality or Airbnb scene, do check out what Igloohome does http://au.igloohome.co/ :) 

And the final job that I recently undertook is at Top Juice! It was a pretty long process, but I'm glad I got through every stage and I am absolutely loving my job. Everyone is so lovely and the best part is, I feel valued within the work environment. It is not always the case where the food/beverage or fast food industry is all sunshine and rainbows. Exploitation, work 'politics', horrible bosses or under valued work are some factors that are heavily present in work places every day. My appreciation and gratitude for a work culture like Top Juice is heightened due to the bad experiences I have undergone in the past where businesses were underpinned by this cultural capital and that money is everything.

Wow I just noticed how much I rambled on within this past 20 mins. I feel like I have so much to say and just want to share my struggles and accomplishments in this blog post. On a different note, my blog is finally part of Adsense so I can finally earn compensation for blogging YAY! I am still new to all this, but from my limited understanding, the amount of traffic/views I get on a blog will determine how much I get. And if viewers click the ads on my blog, that is a bonus as well. I feel completely inadequate in this field and am just learning my observation, so if I'm wrong, feel free to correct me :P 

To wrap things up, I just want to end this with a simple note: 

Take opportunities.

And free food. Kidding. 


In all seriousness, you never know how opportunities can arise from a single decision. Maybe you feel like deferring university and taking a gap year, or doing part-time uni to fulfil something else. Don't be honed down by the traditional sequence and mentality of graduating from high school, going to uni, getting a degree and then head into the workforce. Experiences will be valued much more than getting a university degree within a specific timeframe. The opportunity for education will always be there, but certain opportunities may be fleeting. 

So as the wise Shia Labeouf would say,

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