The Japan Journal - Day 9

K Y O T O  It was time to leave the scurry and scamper of Tokyo's streets, and embark on our next adventure of the Japan chronicles...

K Y O T O 

It was time to leave the scurry and scamper of Tokyo's streets, and embark on our next adventure of the Japan chronicles. 

DISCLAIMER: today's Japan Journals might bore you (to tears potentially), especially if you couldn't care less about what I eat. 

Today's itinerary merely consisted of last minute shopping in Shibuya/Shinjuku before we have to manhandle our luggages onto the shinkansen to head to KYOTO! The only downside to Tokyo is how congested the subway can be. Hence with our bags and luggages, we were seventeen times more likely to bump into someone. Once we had our tickets sorted and arrived safely onto our platform, we decided to hunt for some food to bring onto the shinkansen as the train ride would take around 3 over hours. 

We found this shop near our platform that sold a variety of kawaii-as cardboard bento boxes. Me being me, I bought one that had chicken and some egg in it. As we were en route to Kyoto, I whipped out the bento box and gobbled this up whilst the world passed me at 320km/h.  

I had absolutely no complains about this meal, except the fact that they should have microwaves on the shinkansen so I can heat this bad boy up. But let's be real, someone would probably somehow accidentally start a fire on board. 

After drifting in and out of deep to light sleep, we arrived at Kyoto station in the evening. Kyoto station's futuristic architecture is one of a kind and is not your ordinary railway stop. It has a shopping centre incorporated into it, and is home to many restaurants.  

From here, after settling into our hotel, it was just a night of enjoying the company of my family over a nice meal. We asked the concierge for dinner recommendations, teppanyaki in particular to satisfy dad's cravings, and he went out of his way to get us a map and draw all over it to indicate some of the best spots nearby. I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant, but I took a photo of the sign so feel free to decode this. 

Such good quality meat... 

These were cold noodles that were part of the set. My tongue felt very confused upon tasting, but I started taking a slight liking towards it. 

Dessert was simply but refreshing. It was a vanilla bean ice cream with a citrus like sauce and a lemon/orange rind on top. 

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