Parfait // crushed scotch finger biscuits, blueberry yoghurt, bircher muesli, dried fruits & sliced pears 

French raisin toast w/maple syrup & blueberries 

Pumpkin, cheese, egg, prawn, cucumber, tuna, tomato & spinach sandwich

Triple decker sandwich // chicken, mushrooms, eggs, tomatoes, cheese, spinach & rockets

 Pulled beef sandwich on rye bread - w/lettuce & mozzarella cheese

Pan fried basa fillet w/spinach leaves

Mixed berry smoothie 

Steak sandwich on toasted quinoa & soya sourdough bread w/eggs, cheese, tomatoes & cucumber 

Steak sandwich

Bircher muesli parfait // w/strawberry yoghurt, mandarin oranges & mangoes 

Tuna carbonara bake // w/ sausages, mushrooms & corn

Deconstructed smoothie // frozen berries, chia seeds, Nutella, bananas, overnight oats & muesli soaked in low fat milk

Banana-berry smoothie topped w/chia seeds, berries & peanut buter

Overnight oats, tropical muesli, blueberry yoghurt, banana, & chia seeds

Chocolate brownies & blueberry muffins 

Peanut satay sauced chicken w/seasonal vegetables topped w/grounded pepper & parsley

 Oat clustered cereal w/raisins & peaches + fruit salad 

Grilled pork salad w/cucumbers, peas, carrots, corn & sautéed mushrooms

Chicken schnitzel wrap + Peanut butter & Nutella smoothie topped w/chia seeds 

Steel cut oats w/ cocoa powder // topped with fruits, chia seeds & almonds

Toast w/ avocado, mushrooms, cheese, lettuce, tomoatoes, egg & pumpkin

Minced beef bolognese pasta bake

Pesto chicken salad w/ avocado, tomatoes & pumpkins

Big brekkie // sautéed mushrooms, poached eggs, avocado, grilled tomatoes, bacon (no oil, cooked in water)

Warm oats topped with blueberry yoghurt, almonds, mandarins, sultanas, chia seeds, & bircher muesli

Pork & veggie dumplings + chicken laksa w/egg & tofu

Grilled chicken salad w/ tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms & coconut flesh
Chicken rendang w/ brown rice, eggs, & vegetables 

Overnight oats soaked w/ low-fat milk, chia seeds, & strawberries // topped with frozen berries, more strawberries & bircher muesli

Korean beef stir fry w/ bean sprouts, onions, carrots, bok choy, mushrooms, topped on brown rice

Pesto chicken salad w/ shaved cheddar cheese, apricot & sautéed mushrooms 

Chicken carbonara pasta bake topped w/ breadcrumbs + homemade luncheon meat sandwiches w/ lettuce, cucumber, & jam

Salad parfait w/ beef, tomatoes, egg, sliced cheese, & baked tortilla bread (smashed)

Baked peri-peri chicken w/ potatoes, carrots, eggplant & onions + eggplant fettuccine in olive oil